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Adjustable Resistance 200 Degree Rotation AB KING PRO

AB KING Pro is a revolutionary fitness Home Gym Kit that targets your entire core to give you the perfect six-pack ABS you always have dreamt of! Unlike other ABS Equipment in the market today that only work in a limited range AB KING Pro one of a kind ergonomic design offer effective total core exercises that work both on the way up and down focusing on every muscle of your core. It’s part of whole-body fitness equipment that can be used by the whole family.


The AB KING Pro bench offers a properly cushioned surface for your body to yield quick results. With 200 degrees double bend (in both directions up and down), you get double the results per workout.
The movement allows you to target specific areas such as the oblique, lower, mid, and upper abs for the fastest results.
It has a unique low parallel feature that provides for better crunch workouts.
The bench allows for a wide variety of crunch workouts that incorporate your thighs, quads, and calves.
The arch provides adequate support for your hands in all workouts. It is the ultimate bench for relaxed and fun crunch workouts for you anywhere.


  • Just three minutes workout a day will tone your abs and help lose weight.
  • Perfect for every fitness level.
  • No more straining your back.
  • The AB King PRO exerciser will keep you comfortable during your workout.
  • Amazing 200-degree range of motion.
  • Adjustable multilevel resistance, for different levels of fitness.
  • Easy to assemble & store for quick storage.
  • Targets upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and leaning.
  • The AB King PRO offers proper neck and back support, keeping you in perfect form.
  • Fully adjustable sturdy frame, thick padding for superior support, and a rolling wheel action.
  • Can take weight up to 120 kg approx.
  • It folds for easy storage under your bed.
  • Just 10 minutes workout a day will tone your abs and help loose weight.

 “Burn calories”, lose weight, and build muscles right in the comfort of your home using the AB King Pro System

3 reviews for AB KING

  1. Leisure Fitness

    Margaret, Abuja

    What I like about Ab King Pro is that it accompanies the movement and that you can’t hurt your back, you get in shape within a few days of using it.

  2. Leisure Fitness

    Aimee Z, PH

    Our last ab roller seems to have disappeared so we needed to get a new one. Our old one was the standard one wheel one but we decided to try something new. This ab roller is awesome! It is so wheel made and really sturdy. My husband has been using it every day since we got it and he loves it! My kids also like playing with it.

  3. Leisure Fitness

    Lukman, Kano

    I received this item this morning and I really like it. It was a breeze to assemble – 10 minutes max – and it is pretty easy to use. It works like beast. Very strong and wonderful. If you are looking for something that focuses on all parts of your body, this machine is the best option.

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