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AB Power Exercise Machine: Target your Upper Abs, Lower Abs, and Side Obliques with One Simple Exercise Machine!

The Crazy Abs Power is a new fitness machine that works on your abdominal, abs, shoulders, back, arms, and more. Simply place your knees on the knee pads and pull them toward your chest with your abs. It is the most effective way to strengthen your abs. It helps you do leg raises without straining your upper body or putting pressure on your back. The Crazy Abs Power is equipped with professional-grade foam covered handles that provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. As a result, you can work on different muscle groups with a variety of exercises.


Ab Power works great because of its unique design and motion. Users are required to sit squatted on their knees and drag their bodies up by pulling on the handles. The unique body position helps contract the abdominal muscles, working simultaneously on the upper, middle, and lower abs. As you move down, you once again work those abs in reverse order. The result is each repetition taxes every single muscle fiber in your abdomen region. Here are the benefits:

  • Just 5 – 10 minutes workout a day will tone your abs and help lose tummy fat.
  • Perfect for every fitness level.
  • Works on abs, shoulders, back, arms, and more.
  • Help do leg raises without straining the upper body/back.
  • Exercise and toning of the abdominal/thigh area.
  • Knee pads are made of high-grade foam and gentle on your knees during a workout.
  • High quality and durability– All Steel Construction.
  • Can take weight up to 120 kg approx.
  • Very easy to use.Well-built, sturdier, and less expensive than similar models on the market.

Why The Crazy Abs Power Machine is  Unique

Improves Cardio Stamina

High-intensity sessions of 10 minutes every day can help improve cardio stamina. The lungs and heart work extra hard to pump oxygen to all parts of the body. When practiced daily for at least 10 days, you will see an improvement in your stamina levels. Your performance level will also increase for other types of exercises.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Spending just 5 minutes on the Ab Power machine can help you feel less stressed. That’s because exercising releases serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone. Serotonin has blood pressure-lowering or anti-hypertensive effects. Doing low-intensity or moderate-intensity elliptical workout every day can have a positive effect on hypertension.

Improves Balance And Mobility

Balance and mobility are extremely important for preventing falls and injuries and improving flexibility and agility. The high-rise platform and simultaneous movement of the legs and arms help improve coordination between the limbs and the brain.

Decreases Chronic Inflammation

Chronic low-grade inflammation may be caused due to poor food habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which may cause you to gain weight. Ab Power Machine helps burn calories, lower blood pressure, and release serotonin. This, in turn, helps relieve stress and inflammation in the body. This is the reason you lose weight and your mood improves after a 10-30 minutes session of workout.

Improves Blood Circulation

Ab Power machine workout also helps improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation helps maintain oxygen flow to all parts of the body. It boosts immunity, reducing the risk of diseases and chronic sickness. Good circulation also keeps the vital organs healthy and helps improve sleep quality. It also reduces your skin and hair issues.



2 reviews for AB POWER

  1. Leisure Fitness

    Olumide, Lagos

    My cousin got really defined 6 pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it.

  2. Leisure Fitness

    Usman, Abuja

    Sure, the arc of this machine has a different shape than that of the ab coaster and I can feel a more intense contraction of my abs than I do on the Ab coaster. My spare bedroom is a workout/gym room. The Crazy Abs is lighter and much easier to move out of the way when I need to use the room for guests.

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