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Allows you a full range of motion through Stepping, Twisting, and Dumbbell workouts all in one to lose weight, reduce thigh fat, reduce waist fat, shape the hips, and arm muscles.

  • ❤ 【Lifting exercise arm training】 Train the step machine with a pulling rope or dumbbell for half an hour, fully train the arm muscles, naturally open the butterfly sleeves, easily have a slender arm.
  • ❤ 【LED Smart Meter】 – Clearly record sports data and display average per minute Number of exercises , Parameters automatically every 4 seconds Alternative display , Hold down for 3 seconds Reset data , Show movement steps motion Show movement time , Show movement Heat consumption
  • ❤ 【Hips and Thin Legs】 – Keep walking up and down. There is a cushion at the bottom of the pedal. , Tense the calf muscles. With the left and right movements of the rope, swing the lower body to propel the hips, gluteus muscles to lift, achieve a hip lifting effect
  • ❤ 【Portable Treadmill】 – Rainy days, haze days, too many people in the gym? You can train at home anytime anywhere and even watch the game during practice. Exercise can be so relaxing, exercise machine can carry 150kg, men, women, adults and the elderly can use
  • ❤ 【Home climbing machine, slimming machine – The exercise machine is small and does not take up space. It can be done anytime anywhere, the step pressure can be adjusted freely, and the height of the handrail can also be adjusted, which is very convenient to use.


  • Considerate Accessories: Equipped with an adjusting knob and you can adjust the height of pedals according to your need. The higher the pedal, the harder it is in contrast easier. the foot pedal is anti-slip and perfect to massage your feet when exercising with bare feet. The stepping machine equipped with an Lcd monitor, shows time row count, total count, and calories.
  • Perfect Stair Stepper: A great partner for indoor-exercises! Simple function combine with high-quality steel material, suitable for all family member’s exercise. Don’t forget to exercise and stay healthy at a special time.




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