4-Wheel AB Roller,Push Up Bar with Knee Mat and Floor Wedge -Abdominal Workout Fitness Exercise Belly Fat Reducer Equipment

This 4-wheel ab roller, though simple in looks, benefits your body in some amazing ways. It will help strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and also help strengthen the lower back. It not only works your core and lower back, but also works and strengthens your shoulder muscles, chest, and arms. A strong core helps you perform a long list of daily movements with greater ease and a reduced risk of injury. The 4-wheel design ensures a smooth, consistent and fluid motion. It does not wobble as the 4 wheels distribute the weight equally on them while you train and exercise.

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4-Wheel Ab Roller with Knee Mat

The design provides stability and control in every motion and is perfect for all skill and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. Foam handles are easy to hold and can be gripped even in the sweatiest of environments. The ab wheel is made of quality materials and comes with a floor stopper wedge and a foam knee pad. It is portable, lightweight and compact to use. Exercise at home, gym, or outdoors and lose abdominal fat, tone muscles, burn calories and get a sculpted body

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No more rollovers to ensure a safer fitness workout at home or literally anywhere.

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What Makes It Unique

Get A Better Experience

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Ab roller wheel fully makes use of the stability of the triangle with 4 wheels which provide 4 points of support for stable rolling.

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Margaret, Abuja

Gyms are closed and this is the 1st exercise equipment that I purchased and I really scored. 1st it’s easy to use, nice grips and I can use it anywhere in my home 🏡 because I have hardwood floors. It’s small, foldable, and fits right under my bed. I use it every morning 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. I recommend starting out slow then increasing every 3 days or whatever you’re comfortable with. I am ready and can’t wait to go out 😀

Aimee Z, PH

Our last ab roller seems to have disappeared so we needed to get a new one. Our old one was the standard one wheel one but we decided to try something new. This ab roller is awesome! It is so wheel made and really sturdy. My husband has been using it every day since we got it and he loves it! My kids also like playing with it.

Lukman, Kano

We all are staying inside lazy and I’ve been wanting to buy one of these things for a long time, and now that I’ve got this one I’m really happy with it. It’s sturdy and very stable, and the knee pad is a really nice touch. I tried it out just for kicks and only for about 5 or 6 rolls, and when I went out to wash my car later, I couldn’t figure out why my upper arms and stomach just below my ribs were sore, and then it dawned on me! This is something I’ll have to start out slow with and build up to. Very well made product and I can tell just from the test rolls that I’ll be seeing a difference in my abs shortly.

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